Hindi Folk Songs

Published: 24th May 2011
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A piece of advice as we move on, do not use a single finger while playing; you are most likely to forget the note you just played.

Why Guitars Are Best Suited to Song Composition

I've gained that skill with guitars, which is why I prefer writing songs while I'm at it. Even if it's something entirely new for the player, he'll still find it a very convenient tool for writing songs. No, I'm not boasting about it; I just want all those risk aversive individuals to give it a shot. You never know what you might just create.

If you really want the song to flow out then make use of the guitar riffs and off beats. You can work it out best if you have mastered the instrument you're playing. You will never find difficulty while composing songs, ever again. In a nutshell, you can produce the best song, commercially, if you've got the good beat and soothing chords.

What Lyrics Do

Not everybody has the "thing" to write songs, no matter what they think. This is the part where I should set the two things apart; poetry and lyrics. People have actually used the two terms interchangeably which is not quite right. Song lyrics do not have to sound good all the time but it is important that they contain meanings.

These lyrics trigger feelings within one by rhyming all the while. If you really want to know then you should listen to the best lyricists of all time and try to understand what good song lyrics actually meant.

Indian traditions and ceremonies are loaded with fun as rituals and songs are chief representations. There is a song and dance session to express happiness, welcoming someone in the family or a simple family get together. Marriages are full of celebration and events begin with the mehendi or application of henna on the hands. Elaborate designs include traditional Indian mehendi and also Arabic designs. The fragrance of henna and the beats of a dholak (drum) is emphasized when popular folk songs are sung. The lyrics are different in each state though there is a similarity in the theme. The folk songs can be enacted in a dance method or simply sung with a loud chorus and clapping of hands.

Folks songs for marriages weave around the idea of a girl coming of marriageable age and enumerating her mischief nature at plucking unripe mangoes and savoring the delight of tamarind in her childhood. The transition of this girl into a woman is also mentioned with catchy rhymes during the ladies sangeet. The conclusion is done in chiding her about her fiancée and that he would whisk her away in front of the entire household. Folk songs also express the bold forms of bringing false negative qualities and jibes of the girls in-laws and then having a huge laugh about it. One needs to qualify with a good sense of humour for such participation as these songs are harmless renditions. The final bidaii or the farewell to the bride song is soul stirring and tears natural well up in the eyes.

Folk songs for Holi are sure fun where colours are splashed on each other. People use brickbats and false fights to irritate one another. But good humour prevails.

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